Burley tobacco

Our raw, 100% natural burley tobacco leaves

Burley tobacco

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Burley Brun

Burley Brown tobacco leaves, steeped in tradition, reveal a unique depth and robustness.

Harvested at full maturity, they are prepared with the same dedication passed down from generation to generation.

The result: leaves with a pronounced taste, ready to satisfy even the most discerning enthusiasts.

The versatility of Burley Brown makes it a coveted choice, whether as a central component or complement in a wide variety of blends.

Price €25.00

Burley Honey

Burley Honey tobacco leaves combine the robustness of Burley with the natural sweetness of honey.

Harvested at full maturity, they are infused with pure honey, creating a harmonious synergy between the earthy aromas of Burley and the sweet notes of honey.

The result: leaves with a refined and balanced taste, ready to offer a distinctive and delicious smoking experience.

Price €25.00